The Network

High-Capacity, Ultra-Resilient, Purpose-Built for Business and Enterprise

Using a scalable, modular design, Cello aggregate dark fibre and DWDM services from all major carriers in a high-performance core network that services some of New Zealand’s largest enterprises.

Purpose-built for business, our high-capacity core network is configured to ensure maximum availability. We have geographically-diverse eastern, western and central routes from Auckland to Invercargill, and use modern networking technologies, such as SDN and segment routing, to provide features like configuration orchestration and fast re-route for traffic in the event of a link or node failure. Special attention has been paid to critical connectivity points across New Zealand, like the cook strait crossing, where we have three different routes connecting the North and South Islands, including the critical Wellington bypass link between Levin and Nelson.

The Cello core network is the platform for a large portfolio of network solutions, including Managed WAN, SD-WAN, Cloud Connectivity and Internet services.

Path Diversity

All Cello’s PoPs are connected with geographically diverse fibre routes, ensuring high-availability. We use unbroken express fibre routes between major centres to ensure least possible latency, and use a redundant multi-path method of connecting our regional locations.

Carrier Diversity

Cello aggregate dark fibre and DWDM wavelengths from all of NZ’s backhaul service providers to create one virtual supernetwork. By focusing on procuring from wholesale providers rather than owning fibre infrastructure, Cello can ensure that it has all appropriate routes required to ensure maximum uptime.

State Of The Art

Cello’s network is built on modern hardware using a scalable, modular architecture. We’ve upgraded our core capacity to n x 100Gbps, we’re on-net in all NZ’s biggest data centres and we’ve integrated newer technologies like Segment Routing to enhance our network services.

Maximum Reach

Along with the UFB providers (Chorus, Enable, UFF and Northpower), Cello interconnect with local fibre companies and wireless ISP’s nationwide. In addition to fibre services, we can use any access medium, including copper, 3G/4G/5G, DMR and Satellite, so that no matter where your site is located, we’ll deliver the best-available connectivity.