Why Cello?

At Cello, we live and breathe networking

We live in a connected world, where our networks perform a crucial role supporting all the tools and services needed to make our businesses thrive. Our networks provide us with access to vast amounts of information and enable us to communicate freely with our friends, colleagues and associates around the globe. We’ve embarked on the journey to digital transformation – secure, fast and reliable access to both public and private data resources is now one of the most important considerations facing business and enterprise.

Our method is simple – we’ve a team of specialist architects and engineers who are passionate and motivated, and we’ll work with you and your team to understand your business requirements, strategy and direction. Then, together, we’ll come up a network solution that delivers the outcomes you’re looking for. We cover the full suite of network services, from WAN/SD-WAN and Internet to LAN, WiFi, and Cloud Connectivity.

Our network delivery team are the best in the industry, and your network project is managed from design through implementation by a dedicated network delivery manager. They’ll oversee the project from start to finish, co-ordinating all interested parties, ensuring consistency and efficiency throughout the process.

Later, if you call us for help, you’ll be connected straight through to an engineer based here in NZ, with local knowledge and expertise. In fact, many of the issues raised via our NOC are resolved at the first point of contact. You’ll also have access to our network services portal, which provides a full visibility of your network solution, including all Cello-managed WAN, SD-WAN, LAN and Wireless components.

Great networks are crucial in delivering high-quality user experience to both your employees and your customers, and the network that we build together will become the platform that supports your business apps and digital services, providing the foundations for the success of your business.


  • Technical specialists in Solutions, Engineering and NOC
  • Dedicated network delivery manager for your implementation
  • National Field Force, no areas out of reach
  • Full suite of network solutions – WAN, SD-WAN, Internet, LAN and WiFi, Cloud Connectivity.
  • 24/7 Network Operations Centre
  • Full visibility of your network services with a single-pane-of-glass monitoring dashboard
  • Carrier-diverse, geo-redundant, multi-platform core supernetwork

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