Replacing an ageing, unreliable network with robust, fast connectivity - all with minimal business interruption.

ANZCO Foods leads the way in procuring, processing, and manufacturing New Zealand & finest beef and lamb products.

The challenge

ANZCO’s existing network was not performing to expectations. It was having challenges with reliability and wasn’t flexible enough to incorporate new technologies that aligned with their changing business requirements.

Our solution

Our team conducted a detailed business assessment of ANZCO's network and system requirements, including consultation with key stakeholders. We then delivered a fully managed network, with a backbone of our reliable core network, purpose built for their unique business requirements.


The impact was immediate. The ANZCO team felt the stability and speed of its network from day one.

The challenge

ANZCO’s existing network was not meeting expectations, it was not reliable and was inflexible with the new technologies being introduced to align with its changing business requirements.

There was also a financial cost associated due to network downtime, staff unable to process goods and the IT Team’s attention drawn to trouble shooting issues with the network, rather than working on business improvements.

ANZCO was nervous about the impact such a major infrastructure upgrade would have on the business.

Our solution

Our team conducted a detailed business assessment of ANZCO’s network requirements and other systems, including consultation with key stakeholders, which provided us with a deep level of understanding of how ANZCO operates as a business.

We designed a solution that allowed for fast local area networking and wide area network connectivity. The solution was carefully planned, ensuring the implementation and outages would be as brief as possible, minimising impact to the business.

Our team delivered a complete Managed LAN & wireless solution (300 devices) during a one-month project. This included a full swap over of management platforms, spares holdings, hardware leases & support. We then deployed the Cello Smart WAN solution specifically designed to meet ANZCO’s requirements, to provide a reliable WAN network.

We continue to work with ANZCO, supporting its network and providing recommendations to optimise further.

The impact

The impact was immediate. The ANZCO team felt the stability and speed of its network from day one, enabling them to get on with the job at hand. In addition, ANZCO’s IT team is now freed up to work proactively on the business and their technology requirements rather than troubleshooting constant network issues.

“Cello’s ability to innovate using a combination of new technology and strong technical leadership has provided us with creative solutions to our network problems.

The Cello team demonstrated an understanding of our business that, with its commitment of resources, allowed us to achieve our migration of systems quickly. We are delighted to have our network and infrastructure in the safe hands of the Cello team. We have worked with Cello’s sales, solutions, engineering and support teams - all staff have been readily available, knowledgeable and great communicators.”