Fulton Hogan

Fulton Hogan were looking for a partner that could provide a reliable wide area networking solution that incorporated both connectivity and security.

One of the largest infrastructure construction companies in New Zealand, Fulton Hogan employs thousands of people across the country and relies upon internal systems to coordinate its activities effectively.

The challenge

Fulton Hogan faced challenges with privately owned subsidiaries, infrastructure vulnerabilities, remote sites, and limited fibre access. This required a complex and bespoke network design solution.

Our solution

Together with Fulton Hogan, we collaborated on a customised solution, providing full visibility and control over the network and technology. A combination of our core network and our SmartWAN solution enabled secure connectivity across all sites.


Our solution provided increased autonomy, greater connectivity, and a robust and secure network. This allowed Fulton Hogan to get back to focusing on the key areas of business that mattered to them.

The challenge

Fulton Hogan faced three key business challenges, all of which introduced complexity and cost:

1.        Regionalisation including a number of stand-alone subsidiaries.

2.       Joint Venture and Alliance partners, using the same infrastructure           and assets, potentially compromising Fulton Hogan's ability to           protect corporate network traffic from vulnerabilities.

3.       Multiple sites in remote areas without access to fibre.

Despite these challenges, our team were confident we could deliver the right solution, based on resource availability and system access in a timeframe that fitted Fulton Hogan’s requirements.

Our solution

We collaborated with Fulton Hogan to understand their business-critical challenges and ambitions. Our Solutions Architects and Security Team provided a customised solution, allowing Fulton Hogan full visibility and control over the network and technology. The network was segmented via VLANs, requiring expert skill at the site level. Each site had a secure firewall, segregating traffic between VLANs and policing site-to-site traffic and had intrusion prevention, AV, & ApplicationControl enabled.

We initially created five standardised configurations for the firewalls, but expanded to nine due to the challenges of no fibre at some sites and the complexity of various technologies. For sites without fibre, the flexibility of our SmartWAN solution still allowed for secure connectivity. With the rollout now complete, together we are working on optimising the solution, with over 150 active sites under fully managed support by the NOC.

The impact

The investment partnership between ourselves and Fulton Hogan involved significant time and energy spent on the define and design phases. Regular testing and troubleshooting were crucial for consistent functionality across all sites, including parent and subsidiary companies.

This approach offers multiple end user benefits, including increased autonomy for business partners, increased connectivity to all Fulton Hogan sites, 24/7 monitoring by the Cello NOC, potential issues being resolved before they become problems, and a robust and secure network. This allows Fulton Hogan to focus on their key business area creating, connecting and caring for communities.

Throughout the process we developed an intimate relationship with Fulton Hogan, understanding their priorities and operations, making future engagements simple, easy, and seamless for both parties.

“Cello’s people are friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and responsive.

Developing and implementing the network solution was seamless and offered us new and improved security. This roll out and Cello’s agility to fix issues quickly even helped us with an outage of a legacy system which would have caused significant business disruption.
There’s good thought leadership at Cello, particularly around future trends and forward-looking solutions that could benefit Fulton Hogan.”