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Businesses are driving towards digital transformation, moving workloads from on-premises or private cloud servers towards public cloud and SaaS applications

Businesses are driving towards digital transformation, moving workloads from on-premises or private cloud servers towards public cloud and SaaS applications. In addition, users are demanding an increase in flexibility, with secure and reliable work-from-home solutions a key business requirement. 

Traditional, perimeter-based methods used to secure users and workloads have become less effective, and with users and compute located in the public domain, businesses require granular, identity-focused security services that provide consistent protection for users and applications, regardless of their location. 

With Cello’s SmartSecure solution, we’ll design, implement and manage a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) environment and enable fast, secure and reliable connectivity for your users and applications.

What is SmartSecure?

SmartSecure is Cello’s fully managed Security Service Edge (SSE) and Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution. SmartSecure is a major digital transformation enabler, allowing businesses to benefit from the flexibility of SaaS applications without compromising user experience or data security. The security and visibility functions provided by the solutions enable businesses to grant users Internet and private cloud access safely and securely, regardless of the users’ location.

Combined with SmartWAN, we can create a complete Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) environment for our clients, where user and application traffic is optimized and protected at all times.

SmartSecure focuses on two key areas – secure connectivity to the Internet and SaaS-based applications, and secure connectivity to privately-hosted applications.

Secure Internet Access

SmartSecure combines Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technologies to provide secure access to the Internet and SaaS applications. The solution provides numerous security functions, including web URL filtering with TLS/SSL Inspection, web anti-virus and anti-malware, cloud sandboxing, and layer 7 cloud fire-walling.

Secure Private Access

Use Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA) to provide secure access to applications that are not exposed to the Internet, whether these apps reside on-premises, in a data centre, or in public cloud IaaS.

The solutions provides a superior user experience when compared with legacy VPN solutions, with the user seamlessly able to access applications regardless of where they’re connecting from.

ZTNA solutions are also very secure, restricting lateral movement for connected users and reducing the organisations attack surface.

Benefits of SmartSecure

Cello’s SmartSecure solution provides consistent and secure access to private and public cloud applications, regardless of where the application is running, and where the user is located. Connect anyone, anywhere.

The services improves performance without security compromises, with policy enforcement executed in the cloud. This avoids hairpinning user traffic through a centralised security stack and internet connection, providing performance benefits and avoiding congestion. 

The architecture has the added benefit of providing extensive visibility into traffic and application usage, enabling organisations to detect and control shadow IT.

The solution integrates with adjacent security solutions in the endpoint protection and SIEM space to provide extensive threat protection capabilities, establishing a defense-in-depth system with holistic security.

How SmartSecure helps Kiwi businesses

SmartSecure provides users with the ability to securely and quickly connect from anywhere, enabling greater flexibility, without compromising security or performance. 

Cello can help make the transition to this new way of working as smooth as possible with our fully-managed and comprehensive SmartSecure solution. 

Our team of highly-skilled Engineers will ensure a smooth implementation process, and our support services include built-in continuous optimisation initiatives to help you get the most out of your new technology.

Who is SmartSecure for?

SmartSecure is a perfect solution for businesses, enterprises and governments looking to provide secure access to their applications from anywhere. 

The solution offers seamless remote access for distributed workforces, allowing them to work on devices in any location without needing large IT staff size to manage private and internet access. SmartSecure is the ultimate security service for any organisation looking for a secure and reliable remote access solution.

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