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Trusted by organisations throughout New Zealand, Cello’s scalable, modular and high-speed network solutions play an important role in enabling digital transformation.

Cello’s flagship service combines Internet, WAN and SD-WAN connectivity to create a fast, secure, and reliable network solution. Architected to evolve as your digital transformation journey progresses, SmartWAN provides the reliability of MPLS networks with the flexibility of SD-WAN.

SmartWAN is available in three flavours, each designed to connect users and devices with applications in the most optimal way.

SmartWAN Private

  • Provides WAN connectivity using private, MPLS circuits
  • QoS and end-to-end CIR at the circuit layer is supported
  • Suits clients who require high-bandwidth and low-latency site-to-site and site-to-data-centre connectivity, where applications typically reside in private cloud data centres

SmartWAN Public

  • Provides WAN connectivity using Internet circuits, via SD-WAN overlay
  • Local breakout for access to the Internet and SaaS based applications
  • Suits clients whose applications largely consists of SaaS-based apps accessed over the web

SmartWAN Hybrid

  • Provides site-to-site connectivity using both Internet and MPLS circuits  
  • Includes the best of both Private and Public, as all benefits of both solutions are available
  • Suits clients who utilise a multi-cloud environment, with applications in both private and public cloud

What makes our wide area network solutions different

A flexible, evolving network

Cello understands that business requirements can change suddenly, we work with you to ensure you stay connected and secure. As your business grows and evolves, we allow your network to interchange accordingly.

Rather than locking you into a rigid network topology for a fixed contract term, we provide the ability to switch between private, public and hybrid smartwan variants within your contract term to ensure your network matches your application strategy.

Modular network design

Per-site connectivity requirements within a network topology can vary, and it is possible to mix-and-match smartwan variants under a single network solution for example, small branch oce sites can use smartwan public, with the head oce and the data centre connected with smartwan hybrid. Cello then combine the two into a comprehensive wan solution.

We provide uptime service level agreements (slas) based on the site topology, enabling network performance and availability to be considered on a per-location basis.

Enterprise security

Just as speed and reliability are important, so too is network security. Devices connecting to the internet must be secured, and trac routed over a public network should be encrypted.

All three smartwan flavours use appliances with next-generation firewall (ngfw) capabilities, like application control, layer 7 firewalling, tls/ssl inspection, and web security, so you can ensure that your network is protected even as the topology changes.

Connect anyone, anywhere

With our national core network and field force, we will provide a network service to any location nowhere is out of reach. We work with a large number of last-mile circuit providers in nz, and we will think outside the square to get your sites connected and online.

Combine smartwan with our smartsecure solution to construct a full sase architecture that securely connects users to applications at any time from any location.

Network delivery excellence

Our network delivery team are the best in the industry, and your network project is managed from design through implementation by a dedicated network delivery manager. Theyll oversee the project from start to finish, co-ordinating all interested parties, ensuring consistency and eciency throughout.

Round-the-clock support and visibility

Later, if you call us for help, youll be connected straight through to an engineer based here in nz, with local knowledge and expertise. In fact, many of the issues raised via our noc are resolved at the first point of contact. Youll also have access to our network services portal, which provides a full visibility of your network solution, including all cello-managed wan, sd-wan, lan and wireless components.

Arrange a meeting with a network specialist

Cello network architects and client managers are available to discuss your requirements at any time.  Take advantage of our customer experience lab, and see how Cello can help.
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