Connectivity You Can Count On

SmartWAN Public – For businesses that require high-speed internet connections at their office/branch locations. Cello will install a next-generation security appliance at each of your sites to provide secure internet access, with SD-WAN used to encrypt site-to-site traffic and optimize packet transmission.

SmartWAN Private – For businesses with on-premises compute or private cloud who do not require local internet breakout. Benefit from the highest levels of reliability and performance and connect your sites inside a private, dedicated network.

SmartWAN Hybrid – For businesses that have a mix of private and public cloud infrastructure, require local internet breakout for SaaS services, and/or value the benefits of private services. If you’re on your way to the cloud, or run a hybrid cloud environment, this will be the solution for you.


Fast And Resilient

Great Internet access is now essential. Our business Internet platform uses multiple upstream providers and includes several peering points in Australia and NZ. Low contention (no residential customers) and Cello’s unique capacity-management model ensures a great user experience for all our business subscribers.

Cloud Connectivity

Connect Directly To Public Cloud

Embrace a multi-cloud future with Cello’s Cloud Connectivity solutions. Connect directly to your chosen cloud providers to optimize performance with end-to-end SLA’s and visibility from the data centre to the desktop.


Full Network Management

Focus on your business outcomes without the burden of LAN management. Our services will improve your LAN connectivity, security and visibility, with a single pane of glass view of your entire network.

Great Wifi Improves Productivity

Without proper guidance, secure and high-performance wireless connectivity can be difficult to design, implement and support. Cello will take care of the whole process for you – from site surveys to determine AP placement to technical tweaks to optimise application performance.


Protect Your Data All The Time

Borderless networks, multi-cloud environments and zero-trust solutions are challenging traditional ideas around security – talk to us about securing your network.

Custom Solutions

Your Network Your Way

Whether your business needs the reliability of MPLS, the flexibility of SD-WAN, a hybrid of both, or a full end-to-end solution encompassing LAN and WiFi, we will work with your business to deliver the right outcome and ensure you get the network you need.

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